Friday, October 24, 2008

A vacation Village at Wolf Creek, at 10,000 feet above sea level?

A Village at Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado?

When it comes down to doesn’t matter if developer LMJV wants 2,100, 1,000, 500 or 5 units bulldozed into Alberta Park, at 10,000 feet elevation.
The proposed Village at Wolf Creek will do irreversible damage to an exquisite pristine Colorado biological resource of National importance.
No way around it.
You know it. They know it. We know it.

The question to ask is: Does the Republican boast of total commitment to our National Security concerns, go beyond the military & Wall Street profit margins?

-> How important is a vast quantity of pure Rocky Mountain water ?
-> How important are the source waters of the Rio Grande River ?

National Security is about more than our ability
to drop bombs on other people.

When push comes to shove isn’t water more important than oil?
Or, would Republicans disagree?

{In the 1980’s Washington bureaucrats (Reagan Cronies) overruled the Rio Grande National Forest Service’s REJECTION of McCombs outrageous land-trade offer of sage brush land for a parcel out of the heart of one of America’s grandest watersheds ~ below Wolf Creek Pass. McCombs grand property-rights claim is ethically illegitimate !}

McCombs (& LMJV), please deed that land back to USA’s land trust.
The Red McCombs’ Biological Preserve It has a nice ring to it.

Please help convince
“Red” McCombs (& LMJV) and
the Mineral County Commissioners
to reconsider their plans for VWC -> before the damage begins.

The true test of the patriot is the ability to sacrifice for the National Good,
along with the foresight & wisdom to understand.

Get involved, get informed, click:

Most importantly, please help try to convince the Mineral County Commissioners to take a fresh look at their questionable assumptions regarding that project and it’s regional impact.

1201 N. Main St. ~ Creede, CO 81130
(719) 658-2331 or email:

& Wolf Creek Access EIS (NFS),
c/o Content Analysis Group,
1584 S. 500 West, Suite202,
Woods Cross, UT, 84010,
or e-mail: wolfcreek@

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