Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain's visit and the Memes Courier's open letter to him

Today has been an interesting hectic day. Senator McCain came to Durango, Colorado to give heart to his supporters.

This gave me the opportunity to present an open letter to McCain supporters by way of a news pamphlet I've been working on and self publishing for various political occasions.

Some day I'll get it together with a website that can present the Memes Courier as I've formatted it on paper rather than this rigid blog format.

In any event, it's the ideas that are more important than the look.
I've taken each item in my Open Letter to McCain and posted them individually.

I share this because it is looking as though Senator Obama may well become our next President. That happening would be a great victory for many progressives.

However, that will only be the beginning of the struggle.

I believe the great challenge will be to eloquently convince the Republicans (and yes Democrats have a bunch to learn too.) of the weak underbelly of so many of their convictions. To crack their shell of fear and anger.

We need to get back to realizing we are all Americans and in order to success with the extreme challenges plowing at us, we are going to need to work together for a goal greater than our individual petty bickering and contrived fears.

Sincerely, Pete the Carpenter

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