Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Mr McCain... an open letter

Dear Senator McCain,
I have some observations and questions to share.  You speak much of experience and present yourself as a certain statesman.  Yet, you resort to sneering contempt and petty emotional sarcasm - it would be better to hear you seriously discuss challenges facing the USA.

For instance: Gas Prices go up.  Your experienced answer: "Drill for more!"  Never mind the financial manipulation behind the price spike.  Never mind that Peak Oil is a real world phenomena.  Production and reserves are leveling off, while consumption pressures continue to rise.  The fallout from this clash will increasingly disrupt our way of life.  Yet, your, and the Republican's response is one of willful ignorance toward the fact that humanity is going to have to learn to survive on less and less and less oil.  How will you wrestle with that challenge when you steadfastly ignore its validity?

When crisis strikes, will you repeat President Bush's immortal line: "No one could have imagined such a thing happening!" Remember that?  It was Bush referring to the Reagan legacy levees that failed after Hurricane Katrina passed through New Orleans.  The same dubious levees trained engineers had been warning about for decades - it's documented.  Incidentally, Roosevelt's New Deal era  levees held fast - it can be done.

Your website boosts: "Learn about John McCain's consistent position on succeeding in Iraq."  There it is: month, after month, after endless month, you have been pleading for nothing but more weapons and troops.

Haven't you ever wondered about underlying causes? Or, do you believe America is above international considerations?  Or, do you actually believe it's us or them?  Is it a question of we're right and they're wrong... and, if we need to blow up the whole world proving it, so be it?  An eye for an eye until the whole world is blind.  Is that it?

For example, look at Russia's aggression into Georgia.  You know, they also proclaim it's in self defense.  Russia's wanton aggression in the face of world wide denunciation couldn't have happened had not the Bush Administration eviscerated the developing notion of a world wide standard of behavior.  Russia is only emulating the Bush/Cheney doctrine that "My interests are the only ones that matter."  Senator McCain, will we ever hear you speak to that open wound?

Senator McCain, remember when USA was the world's beacon of hope?  Why was the Republican's New American Century (neocons) sect allowed to transform what should have been a considered and decisive police action against a group of terrorists into an endless hate breeding, resource squandering, bloody embarrassment of a byzantine war?  I wonder: are the corporate profits really worth it?  Senator McCain, do you appreciate how our standing has been reduced to the world's bully - everyone knows they must deal with us, but no one trust us.  How will you restore the wreckage of America's once proud worldwide Moral Authority?  By sending in more weapons and troops?

Senator McCain what about our Biosphere: that web of biology, air, water & earth.  You know, that over reaching organism that makes life possible on this planet.  In fact, what we humans are a part of.  Does its health matter to you?  Show us: explain how you see earth's current condition, and how you envision future challenges?  Are you capable of looking beyond the Wall Street ledger-sheet mentality?

Senator McCain, what kind of leadership can you offer the next time our nation is struck with a mega natural disaster.  How rapidly will you be able to assimilate unprecedented suffering, data, develop, communicate, and execute a response?  After that work is underway, go out and address the American people... and the world, in a way that reassures, educates and prepares our citizens for the challenges at hand.  Then, get up after a couple hours of fitful sleep and do it all over again.

Senator McCain, I mean no disrespect, I'm old enough to remember your VietNam heroism and some of the praise worthy highlights along your distinguished political career.  You are an American of the highest caliber.  Sorry, that's not enough for the next President.  The coming years will demand someone with an up to date intelligent agile mind.  You must admit, Senator Obama, with his young family, has more at stake in the future than we over the hill codgers.  Don't underestimate Obama's learning abilities, competence, or patriotism - nor his stamina and heart to handle challenges we haven't even guessed at today.

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